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Monday, March 22, 2010

Talking Books-ILAB Book Club has breakfast with bestselling author

On Saturday February 27th some members of the Talking Books-ILAB (Independent Living for the Adult Blind) Book Club had the pleasure of having breakfast at the Omni hotel with bestselling author Chris Bohjalian. Our thanks go out to Mrs. Maggie Hightower and the Jacksonville Public Library Foundation for graciously providing us with this opportunity. Mr. Bohjalian was in Jacksonville that weekend for the JPL Foundation's 2010 Much Ado About Books festival and our book club had just read his novel The Double Bind as February's book club selection. Everyone in attendance enjoyed themselves and Mr. Bohjalian was very entertaining and informative in regard to his experiences as an author, the current state of publishing, the themes of his books and many other subjects. His experience at this breakfast with avid readers who cannot read standard print because of a disability has made him aware of the need for books available in accessible formats. He has pledged to make sure that all of his books are available to anyone who wishes to read them and continue to promote this as a worthy cause to authors, publishers and anyone who might help make books more accessible. The breakfast was delicious and everyone at the table received a complimentary copy of Mr. Bohjalian's latest novel Secrets of Eden.