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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Satogo - free online screen reader

Satogo (System Access to go) is a free online screen-reading program for the blind and visually impaired that operates very similarly to the popular JAWS screen-reading program. Satogo is an easy download to any computer and operates similar to a "plug-in" sort of program in that it does not require installation to a computer's hard drive and removes itself after the user has finished using it. Users have the option of saving their settings (voice, reading speed, etc.) via an online user name and password that is portable to any computer that has internet access. There is also the option to install the program on a computer's hard drive which will allow a user instant access to the program. Satogo also offers a screen magnification feature that is similar to the Zoomtext screen magnifying program. The Jacksonville Public Library allows users to access Satogo and create a username and password on any of our public use computers but does not allow for the complete installation of the program. You can access Satogo at the following website: Follow the voice prompts to initiate the download.