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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How to request Talking Books online

Some Talking Books customers may be unaware that they have an option to use our Online Public Access Catalog to request that certain titles be sent to them. Here is the link to the catalog:

All you need is your User ID number and password to log into the system. Your User ID is the 9 digit number beginning with "999" that appears below the center barcode of each mailing card. A password has to be requested by calling the Talking Book Library at 630-1999.

You can immediately log into your account via the Patron Information or Place Requests links. After logging in you will see a summary of your current holdings. From this point you can click on the link Basic Search or Advanced Search to begin searching for books by title, author or subject. I'll use the author John Grisham as an example. In the Search For: field you need to type Grisham, John or just Grisham. From the Search Index: field you need to select the option for Author. At this point you can either click the button for Submit Search or further narrow your search options by selecting for Media (Cassette or Digital Book), Language or whether you're looking for Fiction or Nonfiction titles. Clicking Submit Search retrieves 3 pages of titles on Cassette (RC0) and Digital cartridge (DB0) arranged alphabetically. If selecting by title you can click the check box to the left of the corresponding title in the Request column before clicking Add to BookBasket. If you want more information on a specific title before requesting it you can click on the title which will display the book record and from this point you can either click the button to Add to Book Basket or the link to Return to Search Results. Once titles are added to the Book Basket the process becomes very similar to online shopping. You have the option to "Rush" selected titles out to you as soon as they are available by checking the corresponding box. At this point you can also delete selections from your Book Basket. To process the selected titles for shipment according to a your regularly scheduled delivery you need to click Proceed to Checkout. Once this is clicked you will see a summary of the titles added to your request list.