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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ride Smart

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) in a collaborative effort with ElderSource in Action, Inc. has created a free new program called Ride Smart to assist senior citizens, people with disabilities and those new to using public transportation in gaining experience with all the different modes of public transportation available in Jacksonville. This program is self-paced and begins with one-on-one or group instruction and progresses in a step-by-step process until the individual feels confident enough to travel independently. The Ride Smart program will instruct participants in the use of city buses, Community Shuttles and the Skyway. As part of this instruction, participants will learn how to plan a trip, read and understand route maps and schedules, recognize bus numbers and bus stops, and locate and transfer to other buses. More importantly to people with disabilities is the instruction in boarding and disembarking safely, how to board with a mobility device (such as a wheelchair), and how to secure a mobility device for safe travel. Those interested should call (904) 391-6682 and they will be matched with a trainer suited that individual's needs.