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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vision is Priceless Council

The Vision is Priceless Council provides free vision screenings to children and adults in Jacksonville. They are a volunteer non-profit organization committed to the early detection and prevention of eye disease. If a problem is detected a patient is advised to see an eye care professional for further treatment. Some patients may be eligible to receive financial assistance for their treatment through the Cared Vision Network which is a cooperative effort between the Vision is Priceless Council and local eye care professionals who have agreed to provide their services free of charge. The Vision is Priceless Council attends community health fairs and other events to screen adults and travels to day cares, preschools, schools and libraries to screen children. Their website is very informative and includes a schedule of what locations they will be visiting and what events they will be attending: They can be reached at 904-308-2020.