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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Safe and Mobile Seniors

Safe and Mobile Seniors is a web based service offered by the Florida Department of Transportation that provides transportation information for anyone 65 years and older living in Florida. It is promoted as a “one stop shop” for drivers and pedestrians who are seeking information regarding the safest most effective way to reach their destinations.
A highly interactive and useful feature of this website for those who don’t have their own transportation is the “Find a Ride” option. After a user selects their home county from the interactive map they are then linked to a webpage that allows a user to select their city and preferred mode of transportation. For instance, a person can input their city as Jacksonville, select fixed route service, select a fixed schedule and finally select ADA Complementary Paratransit Service resulting in a list that includes Jacksonville Transit Authority (JTA), MV Medicaid Transportation, Inc., Amtrak and others. This is just one outcome of a variety of routes, schedules and types of service available.
You can find all of this information at the following address:
It is a very useful website with links to important information for senior citizens in Florida who wish to be informed, independent travelers.