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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Digital On-Demand

The Talking Book Library has begun a service we're calling Digital On-Demand. We have acquired quite a few blank digital Talking Book cartridges and their accompanying mailing cases. The cartridges themselves are a sort of pea green color (see picture) and the mailing cases are gray. Besides the fact that they are different colors and do not have any labeling, they are identical to the NLS digital Talking Books that our customers receive in the mail.

For many months we've been supplying our book clubs with multiple copies of their monthly selections on the blank digital cartridges. We've also made copies of digital books for students who had requested titles for book reports and other school assignments. Lately we've expanded our duplication efforts to include our customer's requested titles when a NLS cartridge is unavailable.

Right now we are limiting our customers to having one copied cartridge at a time, however if the customer's digital Talking Book machine has been updated to include the "Book Shelf" feature then we can load more than one book onto a blank cartridge. The copied digital Talking Books circulate just like the NLS ones do. If a customer currently has a copied digital cartridge then he or she cannot request another until the one they have is returned. Whether or not a copied digital Talking Book will be provided for a customer is also dependent upon the number of blank cartridges that we have on hand. For more information contact the Talking Book Library at 904-630-1999.