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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bible on Digital cartridge

Throughout the years many of our customers have received free, audio cassette recordings of the Bible from a program called Audio Bibles for the Blind sponsored by the Aurora Ministries in Bradenton, Florida. As part of a transition to the better quality, more versatile digital audio format the Aurora Ministries no longer offers free copies of the Bible on audio cassette. Our customers can now receive an audio recording of the Bible on digital cartridge for a small donation of $15 which covers the cost of a blank digital cartridge.

The digital cartridge is exactly the same as the NLS digital cartridges and can be played on the NLS digital Talking Book machine. The audio recording is indexed by "book" of the Bible and not chapter. The Bible is available in 4 English versions and in over a dozen foreign languages.

Customers can still receive a free audio recording of the Holy Bible on mp3 CD (to be used on mp3 compatible CD players, computers and some DVD players) or digital download from the Aurora Ministries download library. They may also mail the Aurora Ministries blank 2GB capacity digital cartridge or USB flash drive. There is no charge for loading the digital audio recording onto a customer's storage device.  

For more information call Aurora Ministries at 941-748-3031 or visit their website at: