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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Support the Jacksonville Public Library

Once again the Jacksonville Public Library's operating budget is facing cuts. This time the proposed cuts amount to 4.6 million dollars. These cuts would result in fewer hours of service at every Jacksonville Public Library location including system wide closures on Sundays as well as a reduction in staff. Such cuts would affect the Talking Book Library by reducing the hours that our customers can visit our office and use our adaptive computer programs. We do not yet know how the reduction in staff may effect us.

A final budget has not yet been approved by the Jacksonville City Council; they vote in late September. If you wish to show your support for the Jacksonville Public Library and the Talking Book Library we urge you to contact your city councilperson as well as the at-large council members. If you are unsure of who your City Councilperson is use the following link to determine your precinct and elected officials:

The at-large council members are:

Kimberly Daniels - 630-1393
John Crescimbeni - 630-1381
Stephen Joost - 630-1396
Greg Anderson - 630-1398
Robin Lumb - 630-1387