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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Magazines on Digital Cartridge

A summer 2012 edition of Talking Book Topics informed Talking Book readers that audio magazines are beginning the transition to the digital cartridge medium. We have now learned that circulation of audio magazines on digital cartridge will begin in early 2013. With this implementation, production and distribution of audio magazines on cassette format will cease.

The digital audio magazine format will be nearly identical to the digital audio book format. The only exceptions are that the digital audio magazine cartridges are blue and their mailing containers are red. Both cartridges play the same in the standard and advanced digital Talking Book machines. Some cartridges may contain multiple issues of the magazine to which a reader has subscribed. In this case, the cartridge will include audio instructions describing how a reader may navigate among the separate issues.

Digital audio magazines will be circulated according to the print magazine’s regular frequency like the audio cassette magazines were. All digital audio magazine cartridges must be returned as they are recycled and rerecorded. Inability to promptly return the cartridges may result in a reader’s service being interrupted.

For more information contact the Jacksonville Talking Book Library at 630-1999.