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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Looking for articles in accessible formats?

The Jacksonville Public Library now offers an updated feature of the Gale database called 'Gale Powersearch' which includes Readspeaker technology that converts text to speech. Each article includes an embedded audio interface for activating the Readspeaker technology. There is also the option to download articles as mp3 files for listening to at a later date. Currently Gale Powersearch searches 24 databases of more than 20,000 publications with 55,000,000 documents. This form of added accessibility should prove useful to students or anyone else with a visual disability who is conducting research for school or personal reasons. To find Gale Powersearch visit the Jacksonville Public Library's website at Click on the link titled 'E-Research' in the 'Resources' category. This will lead you to an alphabetical listing of the library's databases;
scroll down to find Gale Powersearch. Call the Talking Book Library at 630-1999 or the Jacksonville Public Library at 630-2665 for more information.