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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Customers on waiting list begin receiving digital Talking Book player

The new Talking Book digital player is now going out to those registered Talking Book readers who had placed their name on a waiting list. As of January 2010 the digital player has been sent to all veterans of the United States Armed Forces and those centenarians who requested one. The Talking Book library is still taking requests from customers who wish to receive Talking Books on digital format. We want to remind our customers that the digital Talking Book collection is much smaller than the audio cassette collection and, per state guidelines, customers are only eligible to have 4 digital Talking Books at a time. It is in most of our customer's best interest to continue reading Talking books on cassette even after they have received a digital player due to the greater availability and wider scope of the collection on cassette. Talking Book customers can expect to have a dual service of Talking Books on cassette and digital cartridge for a few years as the digital collection grows and the cassette collection is phased out.