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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blind Tunes & Rhapsody Blind

Blind Tunes and Rhapsody Blind are simple programs (scripts) that operate via JAWS for Windows in order to give individuals who are blind or have a visual disability the ability to navigate the iTunes and Rhapsody online music and movie services with greater ease and freedom. A user will be able to search online collections of music and movies, create and access playlists, purchase and download media files and burn those files to a CD or transfer them to a device like an mp3 player. These programs can be downloaded for free and only require that a user have access to JAWS for Windows version 10 through 12 and Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7. Mr. John Martyn, who lost his vision in 2008, created these programs in order to make these popular websites "more about the music and less about the navigation". It is important that someone hoping to use either of these programs has had some degree of training in JAWS for Windows and its many hot keys and menus. For more information visit the following websites:
Blind Tunes:
Rhapsody Blind: