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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Continuing Digital Magazine transition

Our customers who subscribe to audio magazines are beginning to see them delivered on digital cartridges. These are the state produced magazines which are now only available in anthology groupings. Individual titles are no longer available. The anthologies will be distributed every 2 months and are grouped into 7 separate categories: Senior Living, Women's Interest, Men's Interest, General Interest, Youth and Young Adult, Literary/Historical/Cultural and Spanish Language.

It is very important that all of our customers know that these cartridges must be returned to the location they were issued from. The cartridges will circulate just like ordinary digital Talking Books with a postage-paid mailing card; the only difference being the color of the cartridge and mailing container. Failure to consistently return the cartridges will result in the suspension of a customer's audio magazine subscription.

Customers who subscribe to audio magazines may find it easier to navigate the new anthology cartridges with the advanced digital Talking Book machine rather than the standard digital Talking Book machine. In this case customers who currently have the standard machine may request that it be switched with an advanced machine. 

The image below lists each magazine title per anthology grouping.

Perhaps as soon as next month Florida residents who subscribe to federally produced audio magazines will begin to receive them on digital cartridge as well. We will pass along the information regarding this digital transition in a future post.