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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Unread Talking Books

Are there Talking Books at your home that you keep telling yourself you're going to get around to reading but can't seem to find the time? Are you holding on to later books in a series while you're on a waiting list to receive the early titles? Do you just need to clear up some space and have fewer demands on your time during this busy holiday season? If that's the case then send those books on back but before you do give us a call and we can create a record of the books that you want to receive again at a later date. If you've been waiting for titles to complete a series give us a call and we might be able to send you a downloaded copies. Due to the limited availability of some titles on digital Talking Book cartridge we ask our customers to return unread books and request them again at a later date so that there are enough titles in circulation to satisfy everyone's reading habits. Please call us at 630-1999 and let's work together on this.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Talking Book review

Light a Single Candle by Beverly Butler

At 14, Cathy Wheeler suddenly became blind as the result of an unsuccessful eye operation. Once enjoying a normal and fairly uneventful life, Cathy now finds herself having to learn how to live in a different world. She once enjoyed drawing, which she can no longer do; she once enjoyed bike riding, and now that's a challenge. She once had a close friendship with her neighbor Pete, who no longer talks to her.

Desperately unnerved with the prospect of going back to regular high school, Cathy agrees to give the state school for the blind a try. That, however, comes with its own obstacles -- it's a hundred miles away, so Cathy must board there; many of the girls have been blind most of their lives, and well accustomed to many things that Cathy is not. Worst of all, the teachers and director don't seem too optimistic about a blind girl's future among average people.

It's Cathy's semester at the school that gives her the strength to come home and give her old life a new try -- only as a person with a few new challenges to overcome.

Though it's overwhelming and difficult at first, Cathy is soon amazed to learn about all she can accomplish if only she puts her mind to it. Best of all, the teachers at the blind school were wrong -- not every sighted person will either pity or mock her. To her delight, Cathy soon begins to enjoy new friendships and opportunities, some even beyond ones she would have sought out previously.

Although some of Cathy's experiences are dated -- the public high school, for example, has no accomodations for students with any sort of special needs -- most of her other struggles are still valid today. Who wouldn't experience heartache and despair while being forced to adjust to a sudden, completely life-altering disability?

A great read, sensitive, yet real, great for young adults of all ages...


Monday, December 2, 2013

Talking Book review

Do You Dream In Color: Insights from a Girl Without Sight by Laurie Rubin
Laurie Rubin's memoir of how she overcame her blindness to carve out a career as an operatic singer is a testament to an unquenchable spirit.
Born to intelligent, affluent and loving parents in California, Laurie was fortunate to have had all the advantages that such an upbringing would suggest. Except for one thing - Laurie was born blind, unable to see anything except white light. But Laurie, as every page of her entrancing memoir testifies, was also born with an unstoppable optimism - a can-do attitude that refuses to give up on any aspect of life's riches. Backed up by her family, she learned to ski, she has a bat mitzvah and discovers a wonderful singing voice coupled with a rare musical talent.
Every page of this book is infused by Laurie's unstoppable drive to live life to its fullest. The words "I can't" are simply not in her vocabulary. Instead, she asks, "how can I?" -- and then she goes ahead and does whatever it is.
As always, I would strongly advise readers to read this book because it’s a great read that will inspire people from all backgrounds to achieve their dreams without any hesitations.